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We are passionate about energy efficiency. That’s why our work is based on real time information and not just estimations. Our thorough energy audit services helps us identify any inefficiencies at your workplace and enables us to design a custom solution to achieve significant improvements in your energy management.

Eco Energy

We can estimate and implement a customised package to help transition your organisation into a more efficient, green energy user.

LED Lighting

One of the easiest ways to reduce your ongoing energy costs and to make your building more environmentally friendly. It’s a quick and simple solution.

Solar Power

Offset your energy use with highly efficient next-generation photovoltaic panels on your roof and reduce ongoing energy costs in the long-run.

Solar Water 

Not that well-known, but solar water and heat pumps are efficient ways to reduce your energy usage and bring your carbon emissions down, too.

Insulation &
Load Reduction

Clever use of insulation can reduce heat load in your building and help your ducted air conditioning perform more efficiently.


We can recommend skylights and other solutions to negate the use of expensive daytime lighting in areas of your building.


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Carbon Emissions Saved (KG)


Our passion, and main area of expertise, is to design and create a total Eco Efficiency package for your organisation. We will give you an upfront estimate and scope a plan to transform your property or workspace into an eco-friendly, efficient zone that maximises staff comfort levels while minimising your energy expenditure and carbon footprint.

How to maximise your energy efficiency?


We will work with you to learn exactly what you require from your plant and how to achieve the best from it.


We can recommend industry leading products that can help you further improve your efficiencies and manage your projects from start to finish.


Our service division will manage your assets and provide around the clock support so that you can be focusing your energy where it is needed.

"We are very pleased with the first-class service that Eco Climate solutions have been providing. They demonstrate excellent product knowledge and are always willing to sit down and explain all the options available. Their service is consistently prompt which is essential in the real estate industry."

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